At Diamonds by Laleh we specialize in finding nature’s most perfect diamonds for the right price

Our expertise

Our expertise is focused on top quality diamonds. This means for example that for white diamonds we mostly focus on D color diamonds with Flawless or Internally Flawless clarity, excellent cut, excellent symmetry, excellent polish and no fluorescence. Why? Because in the diamond market these diamonds are regarded to be investment diamonds. International retail prices have always been derived from these types of diamonds, so automatically they always represent the highest value within their specific carat range. Any other diamond colors represent less value and we do not sell second best quality.

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As we are also a diamond wholesale company and diamond manufacturer, we have longtime been delivering diamonds to renowned jewelry brands, jewelers, and goldsmiths all over the world.

Besides holding our own inventory which contains some of the world’s finest diamonds, we have longtime relationships with numerous diamond cutting companies, brokers, dealers and jewelers worldwide. It is our vast and extensive network that we can use to find you your perfect diamond for the right price.

Whether it is the perfect natural white diamond you are looking for, or that beautiful top quality fancy colored diamond, we already have it or know where to get it for you!

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Our core values

We respect Earth and all its inhabitants, both humans and animals. We acknowledge that there is much to be gained in the process of mining and cutting diamonds. Therefore, we have some core values, from which we will never deviate. Our diamonds are always sourced ethically and responsibly, with respect for nature and for the people who are involved in the process. We buy our polished diamonds only through companies that are part of the World Federation for Diamond Bourses, ensuring that the original rough diamonds have been sourced according to the international treaty called “The Kimberley Process”. Please read about these very important standards on

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