Buying your diamonds at the right price. Absolutely carefree with our tailormade, personal services. Serving one private client at a time!

ByLaleh Diamonds
Vincent & Laleh

About us

We are Laleh Atai and Vincent van Dongen. Husband and wife and of course partners in business. Our passion for diamonds enables us to visit some of the most beautiful places on the planet and we absolutely love doing what we do! We gladly introduce ourselves to you.

Besides loving to work with diamonds, we are also a respected diamond wholesale company and diamond manufacturer. Since longtime we have been delivering diamonds to renowned jewelry brands, jewelers, and goldsmiths all over the world. We are experts in the field of diamonds and haute jewelry. Want to know more about our diamond expertise?


Buying diamonds can be tricky and confusing. There are many sellers and websites to buy from and most often prices are way too high because they are all working with retail/consumer prices. Then there is the matter of what color to choose, what cut or clarity, which carat weight, et cetera. What is the influence on price and how is the diamonds “fire” affected by Fluorescence? Should you buy certificated diamonds, or maybe not? Has that beautiful diamond that you found been ethically and responsibly mined and cut, or is it a so-called blood diamond or conflict diamond? Can you trust the seller? On most occasions the seller will expect you to transfer money first, before sending you the diamond. But should you? What to expect from importing a diamond and tax handling? All and all buying a diamond can be complicated!

Not complicated

When buying from Diamonds by Laleh or by using our services we take care of all this for you. We are a wholesale company and have many years of experience in the diamond trading business. Besides holding our own inventory which contains some of the world’s finest diamonds, we have longtime relationships with numerous diamonds cutting companies, brokers, dealers and jewelers worldwide. It is our vast and extensive network that we can use to find you your perfect diamond for the right price. Ensuring you that you purchase your diamond as close to the source as possible. But always sourced ethically and responsibly, with respect for nature and for the people who are involved in the process. And of course, for the right price!


Our promise to you is that we will always go the extra mile to get that perfect diamond at a fair price! Serving one private client at a time you will get our full focus and all our attention.

Our services are certainly not for everyone, but if you are looking to buy that one-of-a-kind perfect diamond, don’t look any further. We will find this perfect diamond within your budget, guaranteed!

Not complicated

Our core values

We respect Earth and all its inhabitants, both humans and animals. We acknowledge that there is much to be gained in the process of mining and cutting diamonds. Therefore, we have some core values, from which we will never deviate. Our diamonds are always sourced ethically and responsibly, with respect for nature and for the people who are involved in the process. We buy our polished diamonds only through companies that are part of the World Federation for Diamond Bourses, ensuring that the original rough diamonds have been sourced according to the international treaty called “The Kimberley Process”. Please read about these very important standards on