Meet the team!

Within our personal life we are husband and wife but also partners in business. Because in conducting business with a partner trust is everything, so what better combination is there than to be partners in business and partners in life as well?

Our company is named after Laleh. Diamonds by Laleh is dedicated to her because she is the creative mind, and the idea of our business concept was hers.

Vincent & Laleh


Laleh is born in Herat (Afghanistan). Her father was a watchmaker, gemstone- and jewelry dealer and his many years of experience and passion for the trade he passed on to his daughter. Laleh has a keen eye for details and design as well as a talent for getting the perfect deal. Escaping the war in Afghanistan, she finally moved to and settled in The Netherlands in the mid 90’s where she met a Dutch guy called Vincent.


Vincent had been in the high-end watch industry since 2008, importing and selling renowned watch brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Panerai and many more. He also inherited a love for gemstones and jewelry from his grandmother, who was born and raised in Indonesia and within the family was famous for her ability to grade diamonds by only using her eyes. Vincent is the analytical part of the equation. Also having a solid background in banking, he oversees the financial part of each diamond transaction.

After becoming partners in life first, a few years later we concluded that we would also make a perfect match in business. We thought long and hard about what business would suit us most, and finally after assessing all our qualities, experiences and spitting through our network we decided that it had to be the diamond business: Diamonds by Laleh was born!

Together we offer you a vast and extensive network, many years of trading experience, a keen eye for pricing and a personal, high-end and tailormade approach.

Our promise to you is that we will always go the extra mile to get that perfect diamond. Serving one private client at a time you will get our full focus and all our attention. Through our extensive network we have access to hundreds of diamond cutting companies, brokers and dealers, ensuring you that you purchase your diamond as close to the source as possible.

Our services are certainly not for everyone, but if you are looking to buy that one-of-a-kind perfect diamond, don’t look any further. We will find the perfect diamond within your budget, guaranteed! That is our promise to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. If you are interested in our work or in our services, feel free to contact us.

Our core values

We respect Earth and all its inhabitants, both humans and animals. We acknowledge that there is much to be gained in the process of mining and cutting diamonds. Therefore, we have some core values, from which we will never deviate. Our diamonds are always sourced ethically and responsibly, with respect for nature and for the people who are involved in the process. We buy our polished diamonds only through companies that are part of the World Federation for Diamond Bourses, ensuring that the original rough diamonds have been sourced according to the international treaty called “The Kimberley Process”. Please read about these very important standards on

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